QTL Data Submission Guidelines

This document guides QTL data submitters on the process of loading the data, setting statistical parameters and finally the QTL mapping.

The uploading of QTL data needs to be done in one session. Therefore, prepare your data files in the required format before starting the process. Please read the submission guidelines first. If you would like to have the formatting of your dataset checked beforehand, send your data to: iyt2@cornell.edu.

Required data:

  • Some basic information about the population,
  • Traits data file (tab delimited),
  • Phenotype data file (tab delimited),
  • Genotype data file (tab delimited) and
  • Statistical parameters.
  • Markers with their sequences need to be already in SGN. Read here on how to submit markers to SGN.

Detailed guide:

Step 1: Population details  
Step 2: Traits list  
Step 3: Phenotype dataset  
Step 4: Genotype dataset  
Step 5: Statistical parameters  
Step 6: QTL analysis  
Further reading  
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