Organisms - search for organisms

Genes - Gene search.

Genome features - Search for many types of annotations and sequences.

Phenotypes - Search for mutants, accessions, and traits.

QTLs - A web interface for uploading QTL raw data, on-the-fly QTL mapping and search interface for QTLs.

Unigenes - Unigene search.

Gene Families - Unigene family search.

Markers - Marker search.

BACs - BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome) search.

ESTs and libraries - Find EST (Expressed Sequence Tag) libraries by keyword, e.g. library name, organism, tissue, development stage, or authors.

Insitu database - A database of in-situ images which can be updated by users, with image add, delete and annotation editing functions. The current images were generated by the floral genome project (FGP). For more information on the floral genome project, visit and

Images - Search images contained in the SGN database.

Expression - Search images contained in the SGN database.

People - Search database of researchers who use SGN.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions from users of SGN.